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Knowledge is…wasted?(0)

Most have heard the saying, “Knowledge is power” and I would agree with this statement to an extent. As a worship pastor, I feel I have much knowledge on the subject of worship. And if you are passionate about worship you probably have a large amount of worship knowledge as well. However, having knowledge and using knowledge […]

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Exiled or Encouraged?

I have been intrigued by worship for some years now. Not only the music, but worship as a whole. In my research and study of worship, many questions have arisen. Some have been answered and some I will never know the answer to until I reach heaven. One question I have been asking of late is […]

“I” or “We” Worship

Pronouns…ah yes…those pesky little pronouns! There is an interesting discussion in the worship realm concerning pronouns. You may be wondering how do pronouns relate to worship? Well, the discussion stems from whether “I” or “we” should be used in worship songs. For example, in the song “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman, the first person singular […]

Too Old (Young) To Serve?

  There is a discussion on some websites regarding churches that are releasing their staff members because of their age.This determination is not being made on the quality of the ministry of the staff member, but simply on their age. Apparently, there is an issue of “relevance” that makes these older staff members unqualified to […]

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