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Lighting, Cameras, Musicians, Worship?(3)

One of the things I enjoy most is seeing people take God given talents and use them for the glory of God. Recently I have been challenged to analyze talents, spiritual gifts and the role of both of these in the Body of Christ. Scripture teaches that spiritual gifts and talents are from God and […]

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Unplugged: 4 Ways I Was Renewed by Disconnecting

I’m addicted to technology! There, I said it. I love gadgets! I can usually be found with one of my many Apple products in hand. I am the geek my friends call when they are looking to purchase or have issues with their gadgets. I follow blogs about gadgets and love finding out about new […]

Hear No Evil; Stage Monitors in Church

Photo Credit: superUbO via Compfight Unless you attend church on a creek bank, you have heard the effects of stage monitors. From an audience perspective, the squeals and roars caused by these beasts can be unbearable and distract from the very essence of worship. From the perspective of those on stage, these items either make […]

Social Media for Churches…A Cheat Sheet

A few weeks ago I posted an article by Lauren Hunter about churches using twitter.┬áThis article has prompted a few emails with questions on how to begin using social media. I must admit, while I have been using twitter and Facebook for years, our church has only recently delved into the social media front. It […]

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