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The Top Issue Facing the Church Today (From a Worship Pastor’s Perspective)(0)

This week I was chatting with some new friends. We were discussing a little of everything including “church stuff”. During our conversation one of the guys said, “Ok, this is not a trick question but what do you believe to be the top 3 issues in the church today?”  Well, as you all know, I […]

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The Singing Church? Relevant Congregational Singing

Recently, I have read many articles and blogs regarding the lack of congregational singing. In most of these articles, the lack of singing is attributed to people not knowing songs very well. One blogger even used this as a defense of hymnal usage. The argument goes something like this: “I went to a church and […]

What I Learned from Disney

Joe Penniston via Compfight As I wrote in my last post, we visited “the Mouse” both on land and on sea during my sabbatical. While I love Disney and love watching my kids at Disney, I also love analyzing things! Thus, I analyzed Disney. I am always looking for ways to enhance our services and […]


-sabbatical |səˈbatikəl|noun a period of paid leave granted to for study or travel,traditionally every seventh year. I arrived at Fayetteville First Baptist in June of 2005. This June will mark 8 years. A few years back, the church elected that for every 7 years of service, pastoral staff receive a 1 month of paid sabbatical. […]

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