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Knowledge is…wasted?(0)

Most have heard the saying, “Knowledge is power” and I would agree with this statement to an extent. As a worship pastor, I feel I have much knowledge on the subject of worship. And if you are passionate about worship you probably have a large amount of worship knowledge as well. However, having knowledge and using knowledge […]

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Leading Forward by Going Back

Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Compfight How well do we know the congregation we serve with each week? Perhaps we talk to them, worship with them, and even hang out with them. But do we really know them? I addressed this topic briefly in my last post but wanted to delve further into this topic. I believe that […]


-sabbatical |səˈbatikəl|noun a period of paid leave granted to for study or travel,traditionally every seventh year. I arrived at Fayetteville First Baptist in June of 2005. This June will mark 8 years. A few years back, the church elected that for every 7 years of service, pastoral staff receive a 1 month of paid sabbatical. […]

Can One Person Make a Difference?

  Today, I simply want to encourage you! Many times on this site, I share information and offer strategies; not today. Instead, I challenge you to take the time to watch this video. While it is a little long, I know it will encourage you. It reminds us as leaders that the smallest effort can […]

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