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Knowledge is…wasted?

2117742658-knowledge-is-powerMost have heard the saying, "Knowledge is power" and I would agree with this statement to an extent. As a worship pastor, I feel I have much knowledge on the subject of worship. And if you are passionate about worship you probably have a large amount of worship knowledge as well. However, having knowledge and using knowledge are two different things.

The human reality is that we retain a small percentage of what we hear, a larger percentage of what we see and hear, and an even larger percentage of what we see, hear and do. This is why it has been said that if you want to really retain information, teach it to someone else. The study and preparation to share information will assist greatly in retention.
Today most of us are great at acquiring information at alarming speeds. It is all around us and in many different formats. Television, internet, radio, social media all are rich with information. One could say it's information overload

For years many of us may have been "soakers" in church. We listen to our small group teacher, we listen to the pastor, we listen to others. This happens over and over, year after year. Never once did it occur to us to share this information with others!

In the late 1990's a popular cult had a large swath of Southern Baptists join the ranks. Why? Because the teaching they offered sounded "familiar" to these SBC members. Because they had simply "sat and soaked" for many years, there was never any need to use the knowledge they were imparted. Thus when the "cult came a knocking'" they were unable to discern heresy from sound theological doctrine.

While we may enjoy obtaining degrees, attending conferences on worship, reading books about the latest trends in worship, if we never share this knowledge it is for naught.
Are we teaching our people about worship? Are we discipling them to worship? Are we encouraging them to share this knowledge with others? If not, we as leaders are simply soaking up knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?