encouraging a unified worship experience

The Big Sky Country


As I am flying over the United States on my way to Montana, I am once again reminded of the majesty and glory of God. The clouds, beautiful mountains and meandering streams out the window is absolutely amazing.
This week, we as FFBC have the privilege of partnering with New Day church in St.Regis, Montana to minister to a beautiful group of people. It is amazing to me how many unchurched people there are in this area. Being from the 'Bible Belt' it is easy to assume that most of the people around us have at least heard the Gospel message. Not true in Montana. There is a vast amount of people, spread out over a very large land area who need to hear this wonderful message.
How does this apply to worship? Scripture promises that the word of God will not return void. We are believing that as we share this message, people will come to know Christ. As people come to know Christ, more worshipers are born! What a great honor and responsibility we have as believers to share this incredible message.
For those regular readers of ConvergingWorship, please pray for our band as we lead in worship tomorrow and all of our missionaries (50+) who will be on the field this coming week. It will be a challenging week but a very rewarding time for all of us as we serve.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?