encouraging a unified worship experience

Worship through Service

As I sit writing this post, we have just finished up an incredible week of ministry in Montana. FFBC partnered with a small church plant in St. Regis and Haugan to do ministry and service projects in the area. This week we have seen God do many incredible things through worship and service.

I watched this week as an incredible group of youth and college students gave up a week of their summer, working without complaining and just as hard as their adult counterparts. I saw 70 yr plus senior adults work with the enthusiasm and vigor of someone 30 years younger. I witnessed business people give up a week of hard earned vacation time to go across the country and do manual labor.

As we worked, I saw calloused personalities soften and open to the Gospel. I watched as an old church was transformed into a welcoming place of worship. I witnessed children from broken families smile because they saw the love of Christ on display through kid's day camp. I know of teachers and administrators who were amazed as groups of young and old converged on their campus to paint and do repairs. I am sure that many families will be warm this winter as a result of numerous cords of cut firewood and homemade quilts. I watched members of a small congregation weep as keys to a van were presented to them. I saw the surprise on faces as we raked pine straw, planted shrubs, painted tables and even dug holes! I witnessed the walls of apprehensive youth be torn down as they were loved and made to feel a part of a youth family. And I saw a great kitchen crew dedicate their time and efforts to make sure we had nourishment to continue these tasks.

As regular readers know, this is a website dedicated to bringing generations together in worship. And as readers also know, I believe worship is more than a few songs on Sunday; it's a lifestyle. James writes that "faith without works is dead". This week we saw all ages from varying backgrounds come together to display Christ's love through works to a relatively unchurched area of Montana. Where could one find a better example of worship than a beautiful tapestry of God' people worshipping by serving together?

But the blessings were not simply 'one way'. No, those of us who went received as much (or more) of a blessing than those whom we served. Sure it was hot and tiring, but to witness God use our meager efforts was nothing short of amazing.

So as we say goodbye to old and new friends in Montana, we are reminded just how blessed we are and how wonderful it is to serve the one, true God...together.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?