encouraging a unified worship experience

God Will Be Worshiped!

It's Sunday in Brazil and we are already seeing fruits of our labors. One thing that has amazed me is the receptiveness and kindness of the people here. They are very open to Americans and have welcomed us with open arms.

Another thing I have found to be a blessing is worship. I have been called upon several times to lead songs in English during the worship services. Even though most Brazilians are not fluent in English, once they recognize the tune, they begin to sing. And sing they do! This is not a singing that is concerned about vocal quality, but about lifting praise to our Lord. There is no coaxing or prompting necessary, they just sing. Standing on the stage leading worship is a humbling experience. First the wall of sound lifted to our Savior is wonderful. Second, the beautiful singing in Portuguese while being lead by an English speaker helps one fully understand the diversity of Christ's body.

God will be worshipped. Whether by Americans, Brazilians or any other tongue, He will be worshipped. Where people truly understand the life changing power of the Gospel, worship is a natural outflow. It simply cannot be restrained! I am excited to continue our trek through Brazil and worshipping with these wonderful people both in English and Portuguese.