encouraging a unified worship experience

A New Year, A New Beginning

2013 new yearI hope you all had a blessed Christmas season. As we look forward to 2013, we have to ask ourselves how this year will be different from 2012? Granted, there are things that are outside of our control such as weather, political issues, etc. However, as leaders of the church, we have the chance to begin anew. We have the opportunity to bring our people together in worship. Perhaps this is the year that you will decide to try the converging worship style. I encourage you to step out and make a new beginning for those you lead. While the U.S. teeters on a fiscal cliff and much of the world is without peace, we have the opportunity to bring our people together through worship! Gathering young and old, contemporary and traditional (whatever those terms mean) and various cultures together to worship one God. What an opportunity for a new beginning!

If this is your resolution, I would love to hear  how this is working in your church. Please email me on the contact page or post a response below.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?