encouraging a unified worship experience

…With Reckless Abandon…

Wasted Tercel Curtis Perry via Compfight
A few weeks ago, my son and I were preparing for a trip. As I was getting his car seat out of the garage, he was playing in the driveway with his fire trucks. He had a truck in each hand and bent over running them around just having a great time! Until. You see, what he didn't notice is that I had opened the driver side door on my truck. Suddenly, I hear crying. I run to him and he is bleeding profusely from his head. A quick trip to the ER and 2 staples later, Kenny is fine. However, as a father and a worship pastor, this made me think.
As Kenny was running with his firetrucks, he had no idea what was going on around him. All he cared about was having a great time! He wanted to get the most he could out of that beautiful day. He didn't care that I was watching him. He didn't even care (apparently) that my door was opened. All he wanted to do was what he is programmed to do; be a 3 year old boy! What if we as Believers did what we were programmed to do? How different would our worship services look and feel?
Now don't get me wrong, I'm still a Baptist and haven't crossed over with my Pentecostal friends. However, sometimes we get so caught up in what our voice sounds like or who is watching that we forget the God who has "programmed" us to worship Him! So what if you don't have the best voice, sing! So what if people may look at you for clapping or raising your hands, feel free! We have freedom in Christ and I believe He wants us to worship him with reckless abandon. And yes, I know the scripture/song "the Lord is in His holy temple, let all the earth keep silent" (Habakkuk 2:20/1956 Baptist Hymnal). And, yes there are definitely times we need to do this very thing. However, I also see in Psalm 63:4, 1 Tim. 2:8, Lamentations 3:41 along with other places that speak of lifting holy hands before the Lord. Psalm 100, Colossians 3:16, Isaiah 12:5 and other scriptures speak of singing to the Lord. And in Psalm 47:1,Psalm 150, Isaiah 55:12 (and other places) we see references to clapping before the Lord. Must I do this to worship? Only if the Holy Spirit leads you. If He does, then do it!
I am not saying to make worship only about outward expressions. The focus of our worship should not be on the "how" but the "who". However, God does give us freedom through Christ to express ourselves in worship of Him. And as His children, we can feel free to worship as He leads us. It might be sitting silent before Him, or it may be with reckless abandon.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?