encouraging a unified worship experience


ConvergingWorship.org was birthed out of a desire to see corporate worship unified. Many times when a church wants to increase attendance, the information given is to begin a "contemporary" or "alternative" worship service. While this may grow a church for the short term, ultimately it splits the local body into two separate entities. This split often occurs down generational lines and can inhibit Psalm 145:4 from becoming a reality. Multiple generations, multiple music styles, the arts and technology can coexist in a single worship experience. ConvergingWorship exists to encourage these factions to once again come together to worship the the true and living God.

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Ronnie Reid has been leading corporate worship for 20 years and has a passion for assisting churches to transition to a converging worship style. He holds a bachelors degree in music, a M.Div. with an emphasis on worship and a Doctor of Ministry in Worship Studies. A certified Mac nerd, Ronnie lives with his wife and two children in an Atlanta suburb where he serves as the Worship Pastor at Fayetteville First Baptist.



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